Chamber Ensemble

A Taste of Tasmania (“A Mount Wellington Sunrise,” “Pademelon Pals,” “Ghost Mushroom,” “The Great Australian Ice Cream Adventure”) for flute quartet (2019)

Grasping for Straws for brass quintet (2018)

Ferguson Street for flute, harp, and auxiliary percussion (2018)

A New Path for string quartet (2018)

Insomniac for wind quintet (2017)

The Turning of the Leaves for flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, and marimba (2015)


Look Up for flute, cello, and percussion (2017)


Kira for vibraphone and marimba (2019)

Once a King or Queen (“Lucy,” “Edmund,” “Susan,” “Peter”) for violin and piano (2017)

Underwater Dance for B-flat clarinet and marimba (2016)


Blue Roots for harp solo (2018)


Beware, for I am Fearless for double SATB (2018)