Chamber Ensemble

A Taste of Tasmania (“A Mount Wellington Sunrise,” “Pademelon Pals,” “Ghost Mushroom,”

“The Great Australian Ice Cream Adventure”) for flute quartet (2019)

Grasping for Straws for brass quintet (2018)

A New Path for string quartet (2018)

Insomniac for wind quintet (2017)

The Turning of the Leaves for flute, oboe, 2 clarinets, bassoon, and marimba (2015)


Look Up for flute, cello, and percussion (2017)


Ferguson Street for flute and harp (2018)

Once a King or Queen (“Lucy,” “Edmund,” “Susan,” “Peter”) for violin and piano (2017)

Underwater Dance for clarinet (B-flat or A) and marimba (2016)


Blue Roots for harp solo (2018)


Beware, for I am Fearless for double SATB (2018)

String Orchestra

Escapade for string orchestra and percussion (2014)

Resurgam for string orchestra, piano, and percussion (2013)

The Journey for string orchestra and piano (2012)